What is A 60% Mechanical Keyboard? – Mechanical Keyboard Benefits

Are you into gaming or interested in gaming equipment? Not a big fan of cluttered keyboards with numeric pads and Function keys on top? Do you like a more spacious keyboard for the primary keys? You definitely need a 60% mechanical keyboard then. 

Here is everything else about it and when it is most used. 

What Is A 60% Mechanical Keyboard?

A 60% mechanical keyboard against a typical 80% mechanical keyboard is particularly preferred by hardcore gamers. Unlike an 80% mechanical keyboard, a 60% mechanical keyboard does not have function keys (i.e., F keys at top), the numerical keys at the side, and other extra keys. 

This makes up more space for the rest of the keys. Moreover, to make the keyboard accessible, this keyboard is smaller in size with still larger keys than the normal keyboard. 

What Is A 60 Mechanical Keyboard
What Is A 60 Mechanical Keyboard?

Does The 60% Mechanical Keyboard Have Missing Keys?

But what about the missing keys? Do 60% of mechanical keyboards have numerical keys or F1 keys? Does the 60% mechanical keyboard have the rest of the 40% of the keys like in normal keyboards that would include the delete key, pg up and down key, and other functional keys?

Well, it doesn’t matter much for gamers about the missing keys. They do not practically use the F keys or the other missing keys. However, for others who need to have these keys along with the other 60%, most brands have got you covered. 

Many 60% mechanical keyboards have the missing keys assigned as shortcut keys. You can find the F keys as shortcuts for the numerical keys. You can use them using the Fn keys., Similarly, the arrow keys are assigned on IJKL keys and so on. The placement of such keys varies from keyboard to keyboard. 

Are 60% Mechanical Keyboards Good For Gaming?

Yes, a 60% mechanical keyboard is good for gaming. This is because they have a larger lifespan and can handle up to 30 to 70 million key presses during the lifetime and sometimes even more. 

The keys on a mechanical keyboard use a different arrangement than normal keyboards. The keys on mechanical keyboards use mechanical switches. 

Instead of the rubber dome used in normal keyboards, mechanical keyboards use a metal spring for the mechanics of pressing the key. The metal spring wears out much slower than the rubber dome, making the mechanical keyboards last longer. Also, one of the reasons why these keyboards are good for gaming. 

What Are The Benefits Of Mechanical Keyboards?

Gamers use mechanical keyboards for a reason. The hard-core gamers know they have to hit the key multiple times while playing. A mechanical keyboard makes sure hitting the key doesn’t lower the excitement of playing. 

A lousy key with a slower reaction time would lead a gamer nowhere. Even milliseconds matter when playing a game. Thus, here are some of the benefits of mechanical keyboards:

Compact And Portable

60% of mechanical keyboards are compact and smaller due to the lack of 40% of the keys. This makes up more space for your mouse, and undoubtedly, gamers know the need for a well-positioned mouse. 

Further, these keyboards are portable and let you carry them in your laptop bag or anywhere in your travel bag due to their small size. The 60% mechanical keyboards are even smaller than tenkeyless keyboards and measure around 11.5 inches by 4.25inches. 

Small Form Factor

A 60% mechanical keyboard is also known for its small form factor advantage. A small form factor means this keyboard takes less space on the player’s desk than the full-size keyboard. It means you get more space for other accessories like PC, mouse, speakers, etc., each of which plays an important role in making the gaming experience supreme. 

It is also believed a small form factor keyboard like a mechanical keyboard also prevents the gamers from fatigue that is often caused by poor setup around the gamer’s desk. The player who has sufficient space to place their wrists and position their shoulders closer to their body (i.e. in the normal resting place) will be less prone to fatigue during hours of gaming sessions. 

Longer Lifespan

60% of mechanical keyboards have longer lifespans due to the mechanical switches they use. Unlike the other keyboards, which either make use of rubber dome membrane or scissor switches, mechanical switches can last longer. They can bear upto70 million keypresses or more. On the other hand, rubber dome or scissor switches could only bear up to 30 million key presses during their lifetime. 

Thus, they take much longer to wear out. You won’t find a hanging key or a stuck key in mechanical keyboards. 

Faster Typing Experience

Not only for gaming but mechanical keys are also loved by those who prefer fast typing. The benefit of mechanical keys is they are more flexible and have an early actuation point. This means you do not have to press them down to type. They accept the confirmation midway allowing you to type faster. 

On the other hand, the tactile or the membrane keys give you slower feedback, making typing less smooth and faster. 

High Stability

The 60% mechanical keyboards though smaller in size, are heavier than normal keyboards. Their weight makes them more stable and allows them to handle keystrokes with more force. 

They don’t shift too easily when a user presses multiple keys with a faster force.

More Anti-Ghosting Keys

Mechanical keyboards also have more anti-ghosting keys. They have about 104 anti-ghosting keys. These act as a benefit for gamers. Anti-ghosting provides players with the advantage of pressing multiple keys simultaneously, and none of them gets locked (or ghosted). This helps players to make special moves in games with ease. 

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