How to Change Taskbar Color to Black in Windows 10?

How do you change the taskbar color of Windows 10 to a darker color, like black? Which display settings do you need to fiddle with in order to get that particular result?

The taskbar and the Start button—while allegedly lifted straight from Apple’s own PC innovations in the early 1990s—played a vital role in making Windows 95 so mainstream, which in turn made the concept of personal computing more casual-friendly.

This GUI and how customizable it is made all the difference. So let’s now discuss how to change the taskbar color to black in windows 10.

How to Change Taskbar Color to Black in Windows 10

Here’s how you can go about changing the taskbar color in Windows 10 to something cooler or more fetching to your eyes.

  • Click on the “Start” button then click “Settings“. Go to “Personalization“.
  • Click on “Colors“. You’ll get a dropdown color menu. Select “Custom” from there.
  • Under “Choose Your Default Windows Mode“, choose “Dark”.
  • Click on “Custom Color” and use the “Color Picker” to pick black. From there, save the settings by clicking “Done”.

Yes, it’s that simple. You don’t need to do anything else.

How Do You Change the Taskbar Location in Windows 10?

Right-click any blank space on your Windows 10 taskbar to access the “Taskbar Settings” option. Afterwards, go to the “Taskbar Location on Screen” tab in order to select the location you want. Your options include “Left”, “Right”, “Top”, and “Bottom”.

You can even pick to hide or show the taskbar to get the maximum screen size for your app windows if you’d like. That’s a separate setting though.

How Do You Change Taskbar Size in Windows 10?

You can change the size of the taskbar on Windows 10 by first right-clicking any empty space on the bar. Afterwards, uncheck the “Lock the Taskbar” option if it’s checked and leave it alone if it’s not.

Now click and hold the top of the taskbar until you see an arrow. Drag the taskbar upward or downward with your mouse to make it bigger o smaller.

To make it as small as Windows 10 would allow, right-click on it again then go to “Taskbar Settings”. Turn on the “Use Small Taskbar Buttons” toggle.

How Do You Change Taskbar Color in Windows 8?

Press Windows K + C to get the “Charms” menu. Select “Settings” and then “Personalization”. Click on the “Change the Color of Your Windows Borders, Start Menu, and Taskbar” option to click a color of your own choosing for the taskbar, start menu, and borders.

Your taskbar color will naturally also reflect the color of your borders and Start button. Also, get a non-primary color with the “Intensity Slider” for a different color hue. You can also get variegated options by selecting “Show Color Mixer” and picking a color from there.

Never Forget This As Well

The highly successful Windows 95 was mostly just a spruced-up Windows 3.1 the same way Windows ME was just a spruced-up Windows 98. However, the improved graphical user interface made all the difference in making Win 95 the go-to PC and Internet gateway of the 1990s.

The taskbar’s ability—along with the Start button’s presence, of course—to serve as your central hub for accessing every last app or file in your PC remains a key ingredient to the continued success of the Microsoft Windows line.


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