How To Upgrade The Graphics Card On A Laptop?

For one, graphics cards cannot be upgraded. You need to buy a new laptop with an upgraded graphic card as the only last resort. 

You also cannot get them replaced as it will turn out to be more expensive. It is also not a do-it-yourself task. 

There is no reason to upgrade your laptop’s graphic card except if you are a gamer and use a gaming laptop intensively. 

Even for a gaming laptop, if you want to upgrade the graphics card, you better buy a new laptop. 

In the majority of the PCs, the graphics card i.e., the graphical processing unit (GPU) cannot be removed and is permanently attached to the motherboard, just like in desktop PCs. 

Also, even if you go against the rules and try to upgrade your graphics card, you may be trying it over, losing your warranty. As you open up your laptop (which does not imply booting) and start poking its insides, the consumer will lose its warranty if something goes wrong. 

If you are looking to buy a laptop with the best quality graphics card, you need to look for the best gaming laptops. 

The other solution is adding a graphics card to your laptop externally. 

How can you add an external graphics card to your laptop?

You can do so by using a USB port graphics adapter. If your laptop has a VGA, HDMI, or DisplayPort slot, you can use a USB graphics card to drive a third screen. This way, you can add an external monitor to your laptop’s built-in screen. You are not limited to two screens with this external graphic card. It allows you to gain an external graphic output. Using this external graphics card, you can connect your USB A laptop to your VGA monitor i.e., your desktop PC using this external graphics card. 

So basically, this is a portable case for a graphics card?

Yes. It houses a separate graphics card that improves the graphics processing speed of an ultraportable laptop when it is connected. Usually for games and CAD programs that need a lot of graphics. You can use any third-party graphics card with the core, which makes it somewhat future-proof because you can always upgrade by swapping in a new card. Plus, since it’s a Razer product, it works best with Razer laptops, but it can be used with any laptop that has a Thunderbolt 3 port.

This lets you connect your desktop’s graphics card to your laptop and gain a better GPU performance without replacing your upgrading your graphics card. 

The connector does not cost much and helps you add an external video card. This is not for gaming purposes, however. 

How to check your laptop’s graphics card?

To check your laptop’s graphics card with Windows 10, follow Device Manager > Display Adapters. You can get the details of your graphics card under it. Double click the graphic card to know more about it. 

On Mac, go to the Apple menu and click on About This Mac to get your graphics card information. 


In short, you cannot replace or upgrade your laptop’s graphics card. You have to buy a new laptop with a better graphics card, basically buy a gaming laptop. 

As a workaround, you can use an external graphics card port like a USB-A to VGA adapter that lets you connect your VGA monitor to your laptop. This allows you to add two screens and use your VGA monitor’s graphic card on your laptop. This is the most affordable solution. 

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