How to Tag Someone in Google Sheets?

Let’s talk about how you can tag someone in your Gmail address book with your Google Sheets for the sake of informing them about it for work and business and whatnot.

Google Sheets, Google Docs, and various other web apps in the Google Doc Editors line allow you to share documents, spreadsheets, and whatnot on the Internet, particularly people you’re connected or in contact to as a Google user with your Gmail account.

You can comment on your docs or sheet on a certain item, cell, or value then notify your contacts about it. Let’s now talk about how to tag someone in google sheets.

Why Would You Tag Someone in Google Sheets?

You want your comment on a given spreadsheet to be seen rather than ignored or overlooked by specific people, right? You might want to ask a question or clarify an item on the sheet itself instead of having to talk it over on Google Chat, Skype, or Zoom.

Tagging a comment on Google Sheets also allows you to spread info on your comment to multiple people instead of having to contact them one-by-one care of chat or even an email. Since the comment is left on the document itself, you can pinpoint the item you want to comment on.

How to Tag Someone in Google Sheets

Step 1: First off, open a spreadsheet. Here, we’ve opened a sample task sheet I’ve used to get projects to write articles for. I usually leave small comments there and tag my boss in order to clarify certain items.

How to Tag Step 1 - Open article list sample spreadsheet

Step 2: Let’s now scroll down a bit to the task list’s article keywords. I don’t recognize them right off the bat but the words inside the parentheses do translate the strange characters as “web slots” and “The latest web slots“. Nevertheless, I have several questions.

How to Tag Step 2 - Scroll down towards the article keywords

Step 3: Now’s the perfect time to add comments about the project or the articles I was supposed to write about (I’ve already finished this task long ago and they’re here to show you how to tag people on Google sheets).

To add a comment on a cell, first right-click on it then select the “Comment” command on the resulting menu. Or you could select the cell and use the shortcut “Ctrl + Alt + M” to bring up the comment window.

How to Tag Step 3 - Right-click and select comment

Step 4: You can now leave a comment on the cell. In my case, on one of the keywords, I’ve commented, “What language is this? Who is supposed to be my target audience here? Should I mention the locality when writing about web slots or should I keep my writing general?”

How to Tag Step 4 - Add the comment and select comment

Step 5: After the comment has been left there, you can now tag your boss, your coworkers, or any specific person with permission to access the spreadsheet on the indicated space on your comment.

How to Tag Step 5 - Where you can comment

Step 6: Use “+” or “@” in order to bring up your list of contacts then choose as many of them you’d like to tag and see your comment. In this case, I’d tag my boss or the guy who gave me this task list.

How to Tag Step 6 - Tag the person with at sign or plus sign

By the way, I’d later be informed that “เว็บสล็อต” is Thai and it literally translates to “Sixt” or “Slots”. Also, my boss told me to write in general but pepper in mentions of Thailand here and there. However, this is beside the point.

Step 7: After tagging someone or a set of people, it should look something like this. You can even add additional people after making that initial tag.

How to Tag Step 7 - Someone needs access to the file

Please Note: Tagging a person or people to your comment won’t change the sharing settings of your spreadsheet. If you haven’t shared it to others, the person you tagged won’t see it.

Please Note

Across the Board

In order to tag someone in Google Sheets, you need to first leave a comment. You can then put a tag on it for your coworkers, employees, boss, and so forth as indicated by your Gmail address book or contact list.

Usually, the ones tagged are also the ones given permission to edit the Google Sheet in the first place. It works roughly the same way as tagging someone on a Facebook or Instagram post as well as a Twitter tweet. Just “@” them and they will come!


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