How to Setup Dual Monitors with only One VGA Port?

With a lot of work shifting to online, many professions require two monitors instead of one. It is believed that working with two monitors helps increase productivity. So what are these two monitors for? The second monitor either shows the same information as the first one or lets you work with two different outputs.

Supporting two monitors is done by Video Graphics Array or VGA. But the problem is that most computers have only one VGA port that cannot accommodate two connections. You have two options here. Change the video card or set up a VGA splitter. The VGA is the analog standard that helps connect the monitors to the computer. Note that VGA should be used only if the computer and the monitors do not have DVI ports.     

If you have installed Windows 8, 8.1, 10, or 11 these operating systems have features that recognize the two monitors and make the configuration effortless.

Change The Video Card

Changing the video card is a permanent solution that can be heavy on your pocket. A video card is an expansion card using which the computer sends graphical information to the monitor. Some video cards have only one port which restricts the number of monitors to one.

More advanced video cards have more than one port connected to several output sources like monitors. Go for one of these types so that you can connect two monitors. But replacing the old one with new needs expertise in the job. It can also be time-consuming if you do it for the first time. It is better to get help if you are unsure how to do it.

Get a VGA splitter

A VGA splitter helps split a video source into two different displays. As a result, you will see the output on two screens even if there is only one VGA port. Remember that the VGA splitter takes in a lot of power to run. This can be handled by connecting the USB cable of the splitter to the USB port of your computer. Setting up the VGA splitter is easy.

Switch off your computer and unplug the monitor from the VGA port. Insert the female port of the dual VGA cables into the VGA splitter and insert the male ports into the two monitors. The single cable of the VGA splitter must be connected to the VGA port of the computer.

The VGA splitter has a USB cable that must be inserted into the USB port of your computer. Now that two monitors are connected, you can switch on your computer.

VGA Splitter Cable, Benfei VGA Y Splitter for Screen Duplication 1ft

Configuring The Two Monitors

After the monitors are connected, you may configure the desktop so that it is easy to work with. Go to start and select control panel and then go to Personalization option. You will see a feature named Adjust Screen Resolution here. Click on this feature. This feature permits you to configure the monitors as per your needs.

When you click on the Detect option, you can see the two monitors labeled as number 1 and number 2. First, you may click on the Multiple Displays tab and select the Extended Displays option. This option extends the view of your original display to the new monitor. You can then rearrange the monitors by dragging the icons.

If you want the two monitors to show the exact same information, you can click on the Duplicate Display option. Having two monitors will require you to change their orientation and resolution. For this, each monitor can be selected, and the two values can be changed. This makes it easier to see some pictures in the portrait mode and some others in the landscape mode.

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Why Go For Dual Monitors?

A setup where there are two monitors is redundant. If there is an issue with one monitor, you can continue with the other without any interruption. This makes the idea very flexible. It is also possible to run more than one application simultaneously without the need to change windows. This increases the available workspace.

Increased productivity is another factor made possible by dual monitors. Two monitors can display more content if you go for an extended display. Additionally, navigating multiple windows and switching between applications become super easy if two screens are in front of you. If you want to compare two documents, you can easily keep them side by side and do the job.

As there are two displays, you don’t have to swap windows often, thereby reducing distractions. Better focus is the biggest benefit of a dual monitor setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will a VGA splitter allow for dual monitors?

A VGA splitter is an excellent solution that supports two monitors at a time. The advantage is that a VGA splitter helps display information on two screens using a single VGA port. You don’t have to buy a new video card if you have a VGA splitter.

2. Does VGA splitter reduce quality?

As you are trying to split the video signal here, it is expected to reduce the quality of the content displayed on both monitors. There could be a data contention issue as both monitors compete with each other.

3. Can a computer detect a VGA splitter?

In reality, a computer cannot detect a VGA splitter. The PC identifies only one monitor. It sends output to that one monitor. Once this happens, the splitter splits it into two to display the same content on both monitors. Anyway, you will get the desired result.  

Connecting two monitors using a VGA splitter is pretty easy, and you just need a splitter for this. Once the setup and configuring are done, you can complete your work more efficiently, as the availability of two monitors will improve your productivity.           

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