How to See Comments on Google Sheets?

If you wish to see comments on Google Sheets, it mostly involves a single command or a screenshot. You’ll also get to learn how to leave comments on Google Sheets in the first place.

Google Sheets is an online app or an application you can open via browsing on the Internet like a website for spreadsheets. In other words, it’s Google Docs Editors Suite’s version of Microsoft Excel. The suite includes Google Docs, Google Keep, Google Sites, Google Drawings, and Google Forms.

You can add comments on your Google Sheets for additional instructions, clarifications, and info that could help complete the task.

Do You Need to See Comments on Google Sheets?

Sometimes, you’re so busy editing the Google Sheets document that you could miss that little orange tick or bookmark indicating that extra instructions or comments have been added to a cell or group of cells.

You might even be aware of the comments, but you might’ve missed one or two because you’re more focused on your deadline and whatnot.

Missing this can lead to unclear instructions or you forgetting to add that little thing to complete your work or project. Granted, it’d be much better if your boss or the maker of the sheets would tell you outright what to do on Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet as well as email, but he’s busy too!

At any rate, here’s how to make all those comments visible on Google Sheets.

How to See Comments on Google Sheets

Step 1: Go to the sheet full of the comments you’re supposed to see.

How to See Comment Step 1

Step 2: Scroll down to the cells with the comments included. They should be bookmarked with orange tics on their side. You can see the individual comments by moving your cursor (the mouse “arrow”) over them.

The lower-left corner indicating what sheet you’re on should also indicate how many comments are on the sheet (which in this case is 4).

How to See Comment Step 2

Step 3: Press the Ctrl + Alt + Shift + A shortcut command. You can also see all comments by clicking on the “Open Comment History” icon on the top right corner near the call and share buttons.

How to See Comment Step 3

Step 4: If you’ve done everything right, you should see all the comments on the right side off the screen. Whenever you click on a comment, it automatically highlights the cell it was left on.

How to See Comment Step 4

How to Add Comments on Google Sheets

Step 1: Highlight a cell, a row of cells, or a column of cells you wish to add the comment on. In this case, we’ve highlighted a cell.

How to Add Comment Step 1

Step 2: Right-click the cell and on the resulting menu, click on “Comment“. Alternatively, you can also use the shortcut “Ctrl + Alt + M” to end up with the same result.

How to Add Comment Step 2

Step 3: You should see a window pop out where you can leave your comment. Since you need to be signed into your Google account to even use Google Sheets, it will show that it’s your account leaving the comment.

How to Add Comment Step 3

Step 4: Leave the comment and then press the “Comment” button when you’re done.

How to Add Comment Step 4

Step 5: You can check if you’ve successfully left your comment on the cell by hovering your cursor over it and seeing a pop-up window appear with what you’ve typed. You’ll also notice that any cell with a comment has an orange bookmark on it.

How to Add Comment Step 5

In Conclusion

In order to show all comments on your Google Sheets document, click on “Open Comment History” or use the keyboard shortcut of Ctrl + Alt + Shift + A. This displays all the comments made on a given Google Sheet on the right part of it.

You can also add comments by right-clicking on a cell or cells and then selecting “Comment”. You can also use the shortcut of Ctrl + Alt + M for good measure.


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