How to Resize Multiple Rows in Google Sheets?

You might want to resize multiple rows to a certain size at the same time in case you’re handling a row size that goes across from Column A to Column Z.

When you copy and paste raw data from an outside source such as a website or Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets, they sometimes end up looking constricted or have their text or numbers overflowing from the cell (thus necessitating you to text wrap them and whatnot).

You might even have to deal with resizing multiple rows to see what you’re working with. Let’s now delve deep into how to resize multiple rows in google sheets.

Resize Multiple Rows in Google Sheets

Raw data you’ve copied from an outside source or even from a fellow Google Sheets spreadsheet then pasted on an empty spreadsheet might end up looking funky because some of its original formatting will end up missing, leading you to unformatted text with no wrapping that looks all wrong.

They might even try to fit into the default width and height of your empty spreadsheet. Long story short, they can look real funky.

It can be quite a drag having to resize every last row or column manually by yourself—especially if they cover Column A to Column Z or Row 1 to Row 1000—so thankfully this guide is here to show you a shortcut on how to do it.

We’ll also cover how to “regularly” resize row and columns in Google Sheets by the drag & drop method or other methods available.

How to Resize Multiple Rows in Google Sheets

Step 1: Here’s an example of unformatted data pasted on a blank spreadsheet slate on Google Sheets. Instead of having to resize every row—and these cover about 50 top scorers in the NBA in 2022—there’s a way to do it instantly.

Resize Rows Step 1 - Here_s a sample of unformatted data

Step 2: First off, click the upper-left gray pane or use the Ctrl + A shortcut in order to select your whole spreadsheet.

Resize Rows Step 2A -Select whole spreadsheet ctrl + A

You can also simply select the table instead of the whole spreadsheet. You can highlight multiple columns or rows by pressing on Ctrl then doing mouse clicks on the rows or columns you wish to select.

Resize Rows Step 2B -Select only the table

Step 3: Resize the topmost row or row 1 by clicking and dragging Row 1’s bottom part. Your cursor will turn into a double-headed arrow as you do this.

Resize Rows Step 3A - Turn the arrow into a double-headed arrow then drag

This should result in all the other rows you’ve selected to follow suit and get resized the same way as the first row. It acts like an “Apply to All” feature, in other words.

Resize Rows Step 3B - All the rows have been resized

Step 4: You can also do this for columns. Resize the first column or Column A and all the other columns should follow suit as well, just like what you did with the multiple rows you’ve selected.

Resize Rows Step 4A - Drag the right part of Column B to resize all columns

Actually, even if you do this on Column B instead (which in this spreadsheet, contains the NBA player names), the same result should happen.

Resize Rows Step 4B - All the columns have been resized

How to Resize Rows and Columns in Google Sheets

To change the column width or row height, do the following.

Step 1: Select a single row or column you wish to resize. In this example, we’ve selected Column B, which contains the names of the NBA players that have been obscured by the smallness of the column width.

Resize Single Row or Columns Step 1 - Select Column B

Step 2: Right-click on the column letter of Column B then click “Resize column”.  If you had selected a row number instead, go for “Resize row” in turn.

Resize Single Row or Columns Step 2 - Right-click Column B and select Resize column

Step 3: You have two options now. You can either enter a column width measured in pixels or you can select “Fit to data”. To err on the side of caution, let’s select “Fit to data”, but you can experiment on column width or row height by pixel too.

Resize Single Row or Columns Step 3 - Two options - Resize by Pixel or Fit to Data

Step 4: Your column now fits with the data or the maximum amount of pixels that the longest names of the Top 50 NBA scorers can fit into.

Resize Single Row or Columns Step 4 - The NBA player names or data now fits the column width

Step 5: You can manually change the width and height of rows and columns by clicking and dragging the edges of the row numbers or column letters at will.

Resize Single Row or Columns Step 5A - Resize columns manually by click, press, and drag

What works with columns also works with rows.

Resize Single Row or Columns Step 5B - Resize rows manually by click, press, and drag

For Good Measure

To resize multiple rows or the entire spreadsheet in just a few seconds, just select the entire spreadsheet by clicking on the upper-left gray pane or pressing Ctrl + A on your Windows PC. From there, resize any row or column.

The rest of the cells, rows, and columns should duplicate what you did across the board. You can also do this on select rows and columns.


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