How to Print Gridlines in Google Sheets?

Google Sheets already has cells that lay out your data in a grid-like pattern. However, did you know there’s a way to add gridlines on your Google Sheets spreadsheet? Keep on reading to learn about it.

You might wonder, “What are gridlines for?” Doesn’t the spreadsheet already come with its own grids or at least rows, columns, and cells? Well yes, but when you print out your spreadsheet (preferably with the tables fitting an A4 size page), they don’t print out those “invisible” grids.

There’s a way for you to select those cells and add borders and shading to them without making a table out of them, long story short. Here’s how.

Why Put Gridlines in Google Sheets?

You should put gridlines on Google Sheets in case you wish to easily print out gridlines or graphing paper on a sheet of paper in lieu of graphing paper. You can even select the cells, rows, and columns in order to resize them in accordance to your wishes.

  • Presentation Accuracy: It allows you to see the spreadsheet the way you see it on the screen in case you’re big into accurate presentation. Some workers prefer the presence of gridlines on the printed version of their spreadsheets.
  • Make Your Own Graphing Paper: You can make grids of any size big or small for printing on your printer and for use with pen and paper instead of depending on the grid found on graphing paper.
  • Make Tables more Grid-Like: It’s also possible to show gridlines or the sake of printing out your tables and charts with the grid-like pattern you see on the spreadsheet that’s usually absent when they’re printed out.

How to Print Gridlines in Google Sheets

In order to print gridlines on an empty or blank sheet for Google Sheets, here’s what you must do.

Step 1: Open a new Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Step 2:  Select a cell range you wish to print guidelines for. For our example, we selected A1 to G20.

Print Gridlines Step 2 - Select the cells you wish to print gridlines for

Step 3: Go to the “File” menu then click on “Print“. You can also use the “Ctrl + P” shortcut to access the same “Print Options” window when push comes to shove. Either way is fine.

Print Gridlines Step 3 - Go to File menu and Print to go to Print options window

Step 4: On the right side of the “Print Options” window, choose “Selected Cells” under “Print“.

Print Gridlines Step 4A - Under Print, select Selected Cells

Afterwards, expand the “Formatting” tab and check the checkbox for “Show gridlines”. Now click the “Next” option.

Print Gridlines Step 4B - Under Formatting, select Show Gridlines

This should result in you getting a printout that’s the same as what you’re seeing in the print preview. Even though the selected cells are blank you can still end up printing the whole thing without any issues.

Step 5: You can use the same tactics to print out gridlines for your existing documents. It’s particularly handy when you wish to print out a table quickly and you don’t wish to manually add borders and shading to the cells.

Print Gridlines Step 5 - Even in existing spreadsheets with info included, the Show gridlines technique also works

The Final Conclusion

On your print preview, by finagling with the print options and choosing “Show gridlines”, you can make your Google Sheet file show visible gridlines for a variety of uses, from presenting existing spreadsheets with visible grids to making your own printed graphing paper.

If you’re making Excel gridlines visible, you should go to the Ribbon, click “Page Layout“, select “Page Setup” and then go to the “Sheet Tab” of the “Page Setup” window in order to place a check on the “Gridlines in the Print” section then save your settings by clicking “OK“.


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