How to Merge Cells in Google Sheets?

You can merge cells on your Google Sheets spreadsheets roughly the same way you can merge cells on the tables you make on Microsoft Word. Keep on reading to find out how!

Why Merge Cells In Google Sheets?

It has to do with formatting. Half the effectiveness of a spreadsheet comes from how well-designed it is and how easily it conveys information at a glance.

Just as you might need to merge some cells on a Microsoft Word or Google Doc table, so too will you need to do the same for a Google Sheet spreadsheet, particularly when you’re putting in two sets of data points under one banner or something.

It’s also a good means of creating a solid header or banner for your task lists and whatnot. Just remember that when merging cells with content, the first cell’s text and formatting is copied on the rest. Also, merging cells doesn’t copy values or formulas. You need to reenter all those.

How to Merge Cells in Google Sheets

Step 1: Open a Google Sheet spreadsheet you wish to edit. It could be a simple table or an online task list for your job.

Merge Cell Step 1 - Open Google Sheet

Step 2: Select the cells you wish to merge together. In this case, we’ll select about 6 cells from A219 to B221 in order to show you the different types of merge. Now go to the menu and look for the “Format” menu.

Merge Cell Step 2 - Select Cells

Step 3: Click on the “Format” menu, select the “Merge Cells” submenu, and choose between three types of merging styles—”Merge All“, “Merge Vertically“, and “Merge Horizontally“.

The fourth option is “Unmerge” and does just that—it removes and separates cells that have been merged.

Merge Cell Step 3 - Click Format

Step 4: Every time you select a merging style, you’ll be warned before proceeding that only the top-leftmost value will be preserved. You can choose to either “Cancel” or proceed with “OK“.

Merge Cell Step 4 - Cancel or Proceed

Step 5: “Merge All” merges all six cells we’ve selected together into one big block. This means the cells act as one big block while the rest of the rows or columns beside it remain divided.

Merge Cell Step 5 - Merge All

Step 6: “Merge Vertically” merges only the cells that form columns, which means only A219 to A221 and B219 to B221 together while separating the 2 columns from each other.

Merge Cell Step 6 - Merge Vertically

Step 7: Merge Horizontally” merges only the cells that form rows, which means only A219 to B219, A220 to B220, and A221 to B221 together while separating the 3 rows from each other.

Merge Cell Step 7 - Merge Horizontally


To merge cells, first open a spreadsheet on your Google Sheets or make a new one. Select the cells, columns, or rows you wish to merge. At the top menu, click on the “Format” menu then select “Merge” cells.

You can select how the cells get combined, whether you go for “Merge All”, “Merge Vertically” (Columns), “Merge Horizontally” (Rows).


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