How to Make a Schedule on Google Sheets?

Spreadsheets are normally sued for data collection, information presentation, ad campaign tracking, studying blog or site analytics, or keeping tabs on your assignments and projects. Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel are must-have apps for many an office or even a work-at-home setup.

Many startups and multinationals as well as freelancers depend on these affordable (or even free, in the case of Google Sheets) programs. Many specifically use Google Sheets for their daily schedule.

How to Make a Schedule on Google Sheets

The easy way to make a daily schedule or scheduler on Google Sheets is to get a ready-made one through its available templates. To wit, you should do the following:

Step 1: On an open Google Sheets spreadsheet, click on the “File” menu, hover your cursor to “New“, and then select “From template gallery“. Obviously, this will bring you to the template gallery.

How to Make Schedule Step 1A - Go to File and open template gallery

Alternatively, go to this link (​​ instead and click on the “Template gallery” button found on the upper-right corner away from the plus-sign icon on the left-hand corner.

How to Make Schedule Step 1B - Another way to access the template gallery

Either way, you should end up on the template gallery.

Step 2: On the template gallery, scroll down the available templates until you find the “Schedule” template.

How to Make Schedule Step 2A - Browse through template gallery

Click on that so that we can get started on making a schedule ourselves.It’s the “Schedule” template that we’re going to work with to make our schedule or scheduler.

How to Make Schedule Step 2B - Click on schedule template

Step 3: We can now customize the blank daily schedule template in accordance to our needs. Sure, you can attempt to make a daily scheduler from scratch, but why bother when there’s a template available?

How to Make Schedule Step 3 - Your empty schedule template is now ready to get customized

If you don’t like the aesthetics of the template, you can customize that as well, using the template as a base for your new scheduler.

You’ll notice that the template Google Sheets made has all properly dated dates, the rows divided into half-hour slots, and every day has their own columns. There are also spaces available to add to-dos and notes for good measure.

Step 4: Adjust the date right below the “DAILY SCHEDULE” word. As noted on the template itself, “Set the starting date in cell C2. Rows 3 and 4 will automatically update with the correct dates and days of the week.”

So change the date on C2 and the rest will follow automatically.

How to Make Schedule Step 4 - Customize the daily schedule starting with the date

Of course, because of how weirdly my Google Sheets is setup, I had to change the region from “United Kingdom” to “United States”.

Then I had to select the dates and change their formatting from “dd/mm” to “mm/dd” by going to “Format”, “Number”, then “Custom date and time”.

Step 5: Put in your schedule for the week. It’s particularly handy when dealing with deadlines for your job and whatnot.

How to Make Schedule Step 5A - Fill up the schedule

Fill it up as much as you could while expecting that you might miss a task or two. It’s okay. To err is to be human and you can adjust the scheduler as much as you want.

How to Make Schedule Step 5B - Highlight deadlines in bold text or different cell coloring

Put any important deadlines in bold lettering or change the color of the cell so that you’ll be reminded of when they’ll happen at the back of your mind, like a good scheduler would.

You can start your week on Sunday or Monday or in my case, the first day of the month of July 2022 (at the time of this writing).

What Else Can Be Said?

When making up a daily schedule via Google Sheets, you can depend on its ready-made and customizable templates to save you the trouble of having to make all that from scratch. Google Sheets is such an amazing app, isn’t it?

This daily planner can come in handy when you have a backlog and you’re trying to find time to keep up with a looming deadline without asking for any extensions. This highly functional week-long daily scheduler is just what the digital doctor ordered in terms of keeping your work week in check.


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