How to Make a Picture Bigger on Google Docs?

There are times when you add pictures to your Google Docs document and they end up coming out smaller than you want. It might be because they’re lower resolution than you thought. However, you can resize them no problem and end up with a decent (if pixilated) result.

Why Do You Need to Make a Picture Bigger on Google Docs?

You can resize a picture to make it bigger in case you want to have important text on it readable without prompting the viewer of your document to resize it to original dimensions themselves. Or maybe the thumbnail-sized picture is too unclear to look at.

You can also resize the picture to add or subtract the number of pages you’re using or wish to print. A bigger picture can occupy any empty space that would otherwise be unused (which is also a waste of paper once the document is printed).

Bigger pictures can also improve the aesthetics of your document. You obviously don’t have to make the picture go to its original size if it can’t fit into the printable area of your document, but you can resize it as big as possible.

How to Make a Picture Bigger on Google Docs

Before you can make a picture bigger on Google Docs, you need to first post a picture there.

Step 1: Open or create a new blank document.

Make Picture Bigger Step 1 - Open a document

Step 2: Copy a picture from the web then paste into the document using Ctrl + V or a menu.

Make Picture Bigger Step 2A - Copy a picture off the web
Make Picture Bigger Step 2B - Paste picture on the document

Step 3: You can also save the picture then insert it onto the document instead.

Make Picture Bigger Step 3A - Save picture

To be more specific, go to the “Insert” menu, select “Image“, and click on “Upload from computer“.

Make Picture Bigger Step 3B - Insert picture menu

Look for the picture you wish to insert into the document on your local files, select it, and then press “OK“.

Make Picture Bigger Step 3C - Open the picture for insertion

There are several methods you could use to make a picture bigger on Google Docs.

Method 1: Resize Using Corner Squares

Step 1: Let’s say you’ve pasted a lower-resolution picture but wish to resize it to look better on your document. First, select the picture by clicking on it.

Method 1 Step 1 -Select picture by clicking on it

Step 2: Now click, press, and drag on the corner squares to resize the picture to the bigness you desire.

Method 1 Step 2 - Click and drag corner squares to resize

Step 3: Release when you got the size you want (as represented by the empty blue box). The picture is now resized in accordance to how far you’ve dragged the corner squares.

Method 1 Step 3 - Results of resize

Method 2: Open Image Options

Step 1: Right-click the picture you’ve inserted into your document and then select the “Image Options” choice on the resulting menu.

Method 2 Step 1 - Right-click the picture to access Image Options

Step 2: On the resulting Image Options pane on the right side of the app, select “Size and rotation“.

Method 2 Step 2 - On the Image Options pane select Size and rotation

Step 3: Enter a specific number for the width or height, and it should auto-adjust at the correct scale and aspect ratio as long as you have the “Lock aspect ratio” check box checked. Otherwise, you might distort the dimensions of the picture.

Method 2 Step 3 - Enter a width or height by number

Making Sense of It All

In order to resize a picture you’ve inserted into your Google Docs document by copy-pasting from the web or uploading a saved picture, you can do so by clicking and dragging the corner boxes on the picture when selected or specifying a width or height (with locked aspect ratio) care of image options.


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