How to Fix Keyboard Spamming Letters?

A properly working keyboard will just type in the letter when you press the corresponding key. However, there are instances where you may experience keyboard issues, one of the most common of which is keyboard spamming letters.

If your keyboard starts repeating letters when you press a key, it’s a serious issue with several possible causes. It’s important to first identify the cause of the problem so that you’ll know the next step to fix the issue.

#1 – Bad connection

A keyboard that’s not properly connected to the computer may cause the keyboard to spam letters. To ensure proper connection, make sure that the cable is securely connected to the computer’s port. And if connecting via USB, the keyboard should be directly connected to the computer and not through a USB hub.

Moreover, keyloggers and similar devices may cause the keys to repeat. If you own a PS/2 connected keyboard, you should shut down the computer first when disconnecting and reconnecting the keyboard.

#2 – Liquid or food particles in the keyboard

Eating or drinking near your computer can cause accidental spillage on your keyboard. This in turn can cause the keys to stick and spam or repeat letters. You may try using canned air to blow out any food or liquid residue then check if that solves the problem.

If the issue persists, you may have to pull off the keys and clean them underneath using a clean cloth with rubbing alcohol.

You could check this video for more tips on how to clean your keyboard.

#3 – Keyboard wear and tear

Computer keyboards can wear down over time, causing some keys to start sticking during a keystroke. More often, the keys won’t release back immediately as they normally should, causing the keys to repeat. In some cases, the keys may go back to their position as they should but it’s the circuit board underneath that sticks. When any of these things happen, it’s best to replace the keyboard.

#4 – Software glitch

Although this is not a very common cause of spamming letters, it can happen to you anytime. A software program that’s receiving and interpreting the inputs from your keyboard may experience some glitch and can cause the keys to repeat.

One easy solution for this problem is to restart your computer. However if the issue continues after restarting your computer, check if there are latest updates on the software problem and make sure to install those updates.

#5 – Virus or Malware infection

If your computer is infected with a virus or malware that interferes with your computer software’s ability to properly interpret keyboard strokes, it can cause spamming letters.

To solve keyboard spamming letters caused by viruses or malware, update the antivirus program on your computer, or install one and scan your computer, if you have not already.

Q & A

How to fix keyboard spamming letters?

The steps to fix the problem depends on the cause of the problem. We have outlined above some of the possible causes as well as the steps to resolve the issue.

How to prevent the keyboard from spamming letters or similar problems?

Since food and liquid spillage are a common cause of spamming letters, you can protect your keyboard by not eating or drinking near the keyboard. You could also use a handy keyboard protector or cover.

Why is my keyboard spamming a letter?

As keyboards get used and wear down over time, some of the keys can begin to stick during a keystroke. Sometimes it’s a physical sticking, where the keys don’t release back to their normal position after you press them, causing the keyboard to repeat those keys.

How do I stop my keyboard from repeating letters?

On the ‘Ease of Access’ settings screen, scroll down and select ‘Keyboard’ in the left-hand column. On the right of the screen, scroll down and under the ‘Filter Keys’ heading click or tap the On/Off toggle switch labelled ‘Ignore or slow down brief or repeated keystrokes and adjust keyboard repeat rates’.

Why is my keyboard putting multiple letters?

Outdated keyboard drivers on your Windows machine might affect the keyboard performance, and sometimes, you might end up with the keyboard typing multiple letters on Windows 10. You need to update the keyboard drivers to the latest version available.

How do you fix a keyboard that presses random things?

How do I reset my keyboard?

How do I change the repeat rate on my keyboard?

How to Change Keyboard Repeat Delay and Rate in Windows 10

How do I fix the automatic typing on my laptop?

How do I reset my keyboard back to normal?

What is keyboard auto repeat?

A feature of some keys on computer keyboards that causes them to repeat as long as they are held down. Most keys are auto-repeat. Webopedia Staff.

Why doesn’t my key repeat when I hold it down?

All you have to do is uncheck the Turn on Filter Keys box and if you want to make sure this never happens again also uncheck the boxes in keyboard shortcut. The bubbles under filter options do not matter now so any bubble filled and any seconds set wont matter.

What is keyboard repeat?

Function found with most computers or software programs that repeats a key when it is held down for 2 seconds then released. Keyboard repeat is commonly used to create a line by pressing the dash or underscore, as shown below.


When a keyboard starts spamming or repeating letters, it’s a sign of another underlying problem. It could be wear and tear, connection issues, or a virus among others. It’s important that you check the culprit of the problem because from there, you’ll know the best solution to take.

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