How to Drag and Drop on HP Laptop?

Using the TouchPad or the ClickPad to Drag and Drop on HP Laptop
To drag and drop an item, tap it twice to select it, move it with a swipe of your finger, and then lift your finger to drop it. Place two fingers on the TouchPad and move them from side to side or up and down to scroll a window, screen, or list. To stop scrolling, lift your finger.

Most PC users—which, in 2022, is almost nearly everyone—know how to work a mouse and have self-taught themselves to do the drag and drop. Just press the left mouse button on an icon of a file or folder to move or drag them, then drop them into another folder.

how to drag and drop on hp laptop

You can also use this feature to create a selection box you can use to select multiple icons or files at the same time. So let’s talk laptop tech tips.

How to Drag and Drop on HP Laptop

The first way to drag and drop on an HP laptop is to connect a USB mouse onto it (whether wired or wireless) and then press on the left mouse button to make a selection or to move a specific object you wish to draw. To drop, just stop pressing the button.

The second way to go about it is to use the touchpad to do the drag-and-drop gesture. This involves tapping twice on a given item, swiping your finger to “drag” it, and then lifting your finger to “drop” it to where you wish to place it.

What’s the Difference Between PC and Laptop Drag-and-Drop?

A PC drag and drop uses a mouse to do the feature. A laptop could also use a mouse but usually, especially when you’re on the go, you have to use the touchpad instead with its drag-and-drop gesture option.

Some HP laptops even require you to activate the feature for gestures before you can even use it. Thusly, you’re limited to tapping on icons with your touchpad until those gestures are enabled. You might even have to learn keyboard shortcuts to allow you to select or move anything.

What’s a Touchpad?

A touchpad—also known as TouchPad or ClickPad on HP laptops—is a pointing device similar to the mouse that uses a touch-sensitive surface to control the cursor. It’s usually located at the notebook’s palm rest.

  • Customizable and Adjustable: You can adjust its sensitivity, enable/disable certain features and gestures, and change the button’s functionality in accordance to your needs. 
  • TouchPads and Their Buttons: Some touchpads have a touch-sensitive area bordered by two or more buttons that function like the mouse’s left and right buttons. They vary in terms of how these buttons are presented.
  • Discrete Buttons versus Unmarked Areas: The touchpad has discrete buttons compared to its ClickPad counterpart. The ClickPad version of the TouchPad, on the other hand, has unmarked areas for left and right clicking.
  • Left Click Anywhere and Right Click on the Bottom Right: The ClickPad requires you to press the bottom right corner to do a right click while the left click allows you to tap anywhere on the pad as well as press the bottom-left corner.

How to enable touchpad on hp laptop windows 10

  • Press the Windows Key + I to open the Windows Settings menu.
  • Choose the devices.
  • Choose Touchpad from the menu on the left.
  • Switch ON the Touchpad.

How do I turn off the touchpad on Windows 10 by Control Panel?

Press the Windows + X keys on your keyboard and then click on Control Panel. Select Mouse. Click the Disable button on the Device Settings tab of the Mouse Properties screen to turn off the Touchpad. System restart and check.

More to the Point

There are various other gestures you can do on your HP laptop to do things like you would with the mouse. You can do the two-finger tap to do a right click instead of pressing on the right panel of your touchpad, for example.

You can also do the two-finger scroll gesture by placing two fingers on your touchpad then swiping them from side to side or up and down to scroll through an extra-large picture or a particularly lengthy website.


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