How to Download a File to a Specific Folder?

Can you download files to your desktop or to any folder you choose? Yes, you can. The guide will help you know how to download files to specific folders.

Usually, when you download a file that’s not through BitTorrent or GetRight, it saves right into your Downloads folder for Windows 10 users. It used to be any folder or even your desktop when you click that “Save as” button, but nowadays it’s mostly in 2022 in the Downloads folder.

So let’s discuss how to download a file to a specific folder like the “good ol’ days” of landline-based 56Kb Internet where you can’t use the phone while surfing the Worldwide Web!

How to Download a File to a Specific Folder

Go to the Chrome Settings menu.

01 Download a File to a Specific Folder

Select “Advanced”, “Downloads”, “Location”, and “Change and Select a New Location“.

02 Download a File to a Specific Folder

Alternately, specify the location each time by going to “Settings”, “Advanced”, “Downloads”, and “Ask where to save each file before downloading”.

You can also find a download by going to “Menu” then “Downloads“. When you right-click a picture then choose “Save picture as”, you can specify where the download goes. “Save link as” or “Save as” usually doesn’t work since it saves the link as a webpage though.

03 Download a File to a Specific Folder

Why You Should Change Chrome’s Default Download Folder

Google Chrome typically saves any files you download through it to a specific Downloads folder. You can change this default to better organize your every download, like directly saving your documents from Gmail to your Documents folder.

This also frees up space on your hard drive by having you save on a USB flash drive, external HDD, or SD card instead. It’s even possible to redirect your downloads to an online storage service altogether, such as Dropbox.

You can also setup Chrome to ask for a download location instead of automatically downloading the file to the Download folder, thus necessitating you to retrieve it there every time.

How to Change Chrome’s Default Download Folder

Open Google Chrome. Select the menu icon or the three vertical dots to get the main dropdown menu. From there, do the following:

  • Go to the Advanced Menu for Downloads: Select “Advanced” in the left pane then go to “Downloads”. Select “Change” from there. Look for the folder you want to be the default folder then click on the “Select” option.
  • Choosing the New Downloads Default: Whenever you download a file through Chrome, they should default to your new folder, which could be your Documents folder or Music folder as well as your photos folder. It depends on what you usually download.
  • How to Find a File Downloaded from Chrome: To find where Chrome downloaded a file, the bottom part should show a bar containing downloads. You can click on them and then select “Show File in Folder” to access where it is.
03 Download a File to a Specific Folder
  • How to Manage Your Downloads: You can manage your Chrome downloads by accessing a searchable list available on Chrome itself. Just go to the menu icon and choose “Downloads”. The keyboard shortcut for them is Ctrl + J for Windows and Option + Command + L for Mac.

How do I download to a specific folder on my Macbook?

For example, in Safari, you can go to Safari > Preferences > General,  select Other from File download location, and then choose a different folder. Most people, though, don’t change what they do. Most browsers make it easy to quickly get to files you’ve downloaded.

How do I change where my Downloads on Windows 10?

Change the Default Download Location in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10: Select Settings > Downloads from the Main menu. Click Change where it says Location. Go to a destination and choose Select Folder.
On Windows 10: Choose Settings > System > Storage > Change where new content is saved. You can set the default locations for different types of files.

The Final Countdown

We’re discussing how to change the default Download folder of Chrome, how to find a downloaded file, and how to get the prompt for where to save the files every time. You can also adjust multiple download permissions on your Mac or Windows PC.


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