How to Connect XP Pen Artist 12 to PC?

Before the iPad or tablets with smartphone-like touchscreens became the alternative mobile device for laptops, there was the WACOM tablet or tablets like those that make use of the XP Pen. They’re mostly used by graphic artists and art students in order to make their projects and designs.

How to Connect XP Pen Artist 12 to PC

To connect the XP Pen Artist 12 to your PC, do so with the included cables. Use the HDMI and black USB connectors and link them to your PC’s HDMI-Out and USB port. Now connect the red USB cable to either the supplied power adapter or directly to your computer as well.

The PC should now detect the tablet and allow you to move the mouse around the screen along with the XP Pen mainly designed for use with the tablet.

How Do You Connect Your XP Pen to Your Computer?

To get into the specifics of connecting this pen to your PC, it’s about plugging the USB cable to the Artist display first. From there, you should plug the HDMI cable with the black and red USB cords into your computer’s respective ports.

You can also plug only the HDMI cable and black USB cords into the PC then connect the red USB cord to the extender cable and USB adapter to allow you to plug it into the electrical wall socket. Yes, the red cord is for powering up the tablet.

XP Pen Artist 12

FAQ about XP Pen Artist 12 to PC Connections

Here are the most frequently asked questions about connecting the XP Pen Artist 12 to your PC.

What is the XP Pen Artist 12 Compatible with?

The XP Pen Artist 12 supports Windows 7 or later (includes 8, 10, and 11), Mac OS X 10.10 and beyond, and Linux (Detailed versions). You can also use it with various digital art and photo-editing software like Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.

What Sort of Tablet is the XP Pen Artist 12?

The Artist 12 drawing pen display uses a type of input device for use with a PC, so it requires a computer to work. It’s less like the iPad and more like the WACOM tablet for drawing and graphical editing purposes. The drawing pen tablet is a simple drawing pad without display.

Does the XP Pen Artist 12 Require a Computer?

Yes. You need to connect the XP Pen Artist 12 to your PC or laptop. Or rather you have to because it’s not an iPad type of tablet but more of a WACOM type of tablet with pen. It requires a display and an digital art program for you to work with.

The pen’s strokes on the tablet will reflect on your computer screen. By connecting them together, you’ll be able to accomplish better drawing and photo editing strides because you’re not forced to use your mouse as your pen anymore.

How to connect XP-pen to MAC

Why is my XP-Pen not detected?

Before you try any of the other solutions in this article, it’s important to rule out some simple issues that could be causing your problems.

  • First, make sure that your pen/tablet is fully charged. If it’s low on battery, it may not be working properly.
  • Second, disconnect your pen/tablet from your PC and restart your computer. Then reconnect it and see if the problem persists.
  • Finally, if you’re using a USB cable or USB wireless receiver to connect your pen/tablet, try changing the USB port on your computer.

By ruling out these simple issues, you’ll be one step closer to solving the problem.

Other Things You Should Notice

You can use XP Pen without HDMI through an HDMI adapter or using other display data cables such as DVI and VGA. It’s important to note that the USB cable connection is reserved for drawing data or the data from your XP Pen inputs.

The display data still requires you to connect the HDMI cable (or alternative cables like DVI and VGA as well as corresponding HDMI adapters for them) long with the USB cable in tandem for best results.


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