How To Connect The SATA Power Cable To A Power Supply?

Connecting a SATA power cable to a power supply means you add power to the SSD/HDD or optical drive using the SATA power cable through PSU.

Why are SATA power cables used?

SATA power cables supply power to the storage devices like hard drives, solid-state drives, or optical drives. You can also use it to connect it to a controller of RGB.

Steps to connect the storage device to the power supply via SATA power cable

Step 1: Buy a power supply unit

Your power supply unit comes with several Molex connectors (the one with four pins at one end) attached.

You can search for SATA PSU online for reference. You can look for the best PSU online.

Step 2: Identify SATA power ports on SSD/HDD/optical drive

A storage drive has three ports, i.e., Molex connectors, SATA power port, and SATA data port, depending on if it’s an HDD, SSD, or optical drive. The SATA power port is used for the power supply. The SATA power ports are long L-shaped ports with 14 to 15 pins, making them easy to identify on the SATA drive.

Step 3: Identify the SATA power cable

Now, you need a SATA power cable. SATA power cables should be differentiated from SATA data cables. A SATA power cable has a 4-pin Molex connector on one end and the SATA connector/SATA power connector on another end. It can also be differentiated with its colorful wires. It generally has 5 wires.

On the other hand, a SATA data cable has a broad flat wire. The SATA power cable originates from the PSU only. If your PSU does not have this connector, you will need a Molex-SATA connector.

This connector will convert the power supply’s 4-pin Molex connector to a SATA connector. Thereby, adding another medium in between the PSU and SATA power port.

Step 3: Connect the SATA drive to the power supply

Now, you directly connect the power supply to the driver if the power supply has a SATA power cable i.e., SATA connector at one end. This SATA connector is connected to the SATA power port of the drive. Thus, providing it with the power supply.

If the power supply unit (PSU) does not have a SATA connector, it probably has a 14-pin Molex connector. You need a Molex to SATA connector to provide power supply then.

In this case, connect the SATA connector end of the cable to the drive and the other end to the PSU. To avoid mishaps, make sure you buy a good quality Molex to SATA connector.

On the contrary, if the SSD/HDD/drive does not include a SATA power port, you will need to use 14 pin Molex connector to connect. This is easier. You can directly connect the 14-pin Molex connector out from your PSU into the drive.


How do I connect a SATA cable?

SATA uses simple cables that only fit one way into the connectors on the hard drive and the motherboard. Connect one end of the SATA cable to the drive, and connect the other end to a free SATA port on your motherboard. Some SATA data cables have ends that are in the shape of an L, which can help keep the cables organized.

Do power supplies have SATA power cables?

The motherboard comes with the SATA cables, and the Power Supply Unit comes with the power cables. If your computer has more than two drives, you will need to buy a separate data cable and power cable for each drive. There are also times when the ends of the SATA power cable are split.

What is SATA cable used for from power supply?

Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, or SATA, is a standard bus interface for connecting storage devices like hard disk drives (HDD), optical drives, and solid-state drives to a computer’s host bus adapter. SATA is also called Serial ATA (SSD). Most of the time, SATA cables are used inside the case of a computer.

Do SATA drives need power?

The SATA connector is made so that it can be used with either a single power and data connector or two separate power and data connectors. Power and data are usually wired separately in desktop computers. Most of the time, power cables are part of the power supply.

What are the 2 SATA connectors?

In other words, your PC connects to the drive and the motherboard through two SATA ports. Even though a SATA connector is called a “single port” or “connector,” it actually has two ports: one for data and one for power.

How do I power a SATA hard drive?

How do I connect my SSD to my power supply?

Connecting a 2.5″ SSD to a PC’s power supply in the right way and…

What is a SATA cable? How many wires does it have?

The SATA standard calls for a data cable to have three grounds, four active data lines in two pairs, and 8 mm wide wafer connectors on each end. SATA cables can be up to (3.3 ft.) long and connect one hard drive socket on the motherboard to one hard drive.

Why does SATA power cable have so many ends?

For a number of reasons, the new SATA power connector has a lot more pins: Along with the standard 5 V and 12 V, 3.3 V is also given. Each voltage is supplied by three pins in parallel to reduce impedance and increase the amount of current that can flow. One pin in each group is used for precharging.

Is using a SATA power splitter safe?

In terms of power, it’s not a problem unless you’re running your whole system off of one cable with a lot of splitters. I’ve had splitters for a long time without any problems. I even add more ends to them so that I can use them in tight places where a 90-degree angle works best. I’ve never had any problems.

How do I know which SATA port to use?

If you are only installing one SATA hard drive, you should use the port with the lowest number on the motherboard (SATA0 or SATA1). Then connect optical drives to the other ports.

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