How to Change the Desktop Font Color?

Windows users love finagling with the customization options of their Windows installation. It’s been the case since Windows 95, when casual users started using PCs instead of it being limited as a niche “hobby” for workers and programmers.

So how does one change the font color of your desktop on Windows 10? In regards to how to change desktop font color, here’s the nitty-gritty.

Change the Desktop Font Color

How to Change the Desktop Font Color

If you wish to know how to change the font color of your Windows 10 (or 11) desktop or user interface—such as the text color on your desktop icons—then you’ve come to the right article. Long story short, do the following:

  • Play with the backgrounds on Display Settings.
  • Create a custom High Contrast theme on your own.
  • Use a free tool to change the desktop font color for you.

Let’s now cover these methods in detail.

Play with the Backgrounds

Windows 10 desktop icon fonts actually change in accordance to the desktop background you’ve selected. Most people don’t realize this but back in the 1990s, you had to avail of whole Windows themes to accommodate one or several desktop wallpapers.

To only put in wallpapers back in Windows 95 or 98 meant you run the risk of leaving the default font unreadable across your wallpaper. This workaround allows you to change font colors in accordance to your wallpaper. So do this:

  • Open “Settings” then go to “Personalization”. Under “Background” select the “Solid Color” option.
  • Afterwards, choose a light background—get an orange background in order to change the font from white to black, for instance.
  • Now immediately change your desktop background or wallpaper to “Picture” and select your favorite one. The color should remain black regardless.

This workaround works in many Windows 10 and 11 installations. Hopefully, it should work for you too!

Create a High Contrast Theme

You can also create a High Contrast theme in order to change the font color into something that works. Do the following to create your own high-contrast custom theme:

  • First off, open the “Windows 10 Settings” window. Now go to “Ease of Access” and “High Contrast”.
  • Turn on the toggle for “Turn on High Contrast”.
  • Go to the “Select a Colored Rectangle to Customize High Contrast Color” section then select the given box for the given items.
  • Select “Apply” to get a prompt that saves your high-contrast theme.  You can even name it for future reference.
  • You can also toggle between predefined themes along with your custom one.

Download Freeware

You can download Windows-certified freeware like the Desktop Icon Toy to let them change your desktop fonts for you complete with on-screen instructions to save you the time and effort of doing everything yourself.

Such programs include navigation panels, easy-select color options, and the ability to put in drop shadows over your text for better readability on your desktop.

Never Forget

Not many users talk about how to change the Desktop font color for Windows 10 or 11. That’s because most people in 2022 expect everyone to know how to do customization options on Windows. However, not all PC users can experiment on such options on their own.

This is why articles like this are available on Google. This allows most anyone to learn how to do this through multiple simple techniques.


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