How to change the current directory with Python? (get current path python)

In Python, the os.chdir() method is used to change the current working directory. You can use this method to move around your file system, but keep in mind that it doesn’t actually move the files themselves, only the pointer to the current directory.

This can be useful if you want to work with files in a different directory for a script or program that you’re working on.

For example, let’s say you have a file called in your home directory, and you want to run it from a different directory.

You can use os.chdir() to first change the current working directory to where is located, and then run the script.

To change the current working directory, you would use the following syntax:

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# Import the os module import os mypath = '/var/mydir' try: os.chdir(mypath) print("The Current working directory: {0}".format(os.getcwd())) except FileNotFoundError: print("Directory: {0} does not exist".format(path)) except NotADirectoryError: print("{0} is not a directory".format(path)) except PermissionError: print("You do not have permissions to change to {0}".format(path))
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The getcwd() function of the os module in Python returns a string that contains the absolute path of the current working directory.

You can also use this method to navigate up one level in the directory structure by using “..” as the path argument. For example, if you’re in /home/user/Documents and you want to go up to /home/user, you would use the following command:

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You can read more about changing directories and other ways to navigate your file system here.

Next, I’ll show you how to get, check, and change (move) Python’s current working directory (current directory).

To check or get the current directory you can use os.getcwd()method or get current path python.

import os path = os.getcwd() print(path) # /Users/david/mydjango print(type(path)) # <class 'str'>
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Moving to a higher directory level using “../” or “..”

os.chdir('../') print(os.getcwd()) # /Users/david
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You can use the cd command. The cd command stands for “change directory” and it allows you to change your current working directory.

For example, if we wanted to change our current working directory to our user home folder, we would use the following command:

cd /Users/username/

You can use the os.getcwd() function in Python to determine the current working directory, and you can use the os.chdir function to change the current working directory (path).

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