How to Change Text Color on Windows 10/11?

If you want to know how to change text color in Windows 10, there are several ways to go about it. This guide will help you learn about them.

Changing the text color of Windows 10—your desktop icon font in particular—isn’t just an appealing proposition. It’s also necessary at times. As a Windows user, you should know how to change the text color, which also covers the desktop icon font.

So here’s how to change text color on windows 10. On that note, having the font color revert back to default is also quite simple. None of these changes carry any risk of damaging your PC.

How to Change Text Color on Windows 10/11

Change Text Color in Registry Editor

  • Step 1: To open Registry Editor, use the Windows key and R (Win+R) to bring up the Run dialog box, then type Regedit and press Enter.
01 Change Text Color on Windows 10

Or on window 11, you also open Registry Editor by Regedit in the Search bar as in the image below

02 Change Text Color on Windows 10
  • Step 2: Find out the following key in Registry Editor.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors

On the right of the windows, double-click on WindowText to modify Text Color.

  • Step 3: Just type the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) value for the color you want and click OK.

White is written as 255 255 255, and black is written as 0 0 0. Any color’s RGB value can be found using an online color picker.

03 Change Text Color on Windows 10

When you set a new color, the changes won’t show up until the next time you log in.

There are some ways to change the Windows 10 text color and desktop icon color. It involves choosing a Solid Color background that’s light colored like sky blue, pink, or orange in order to make the font turn from white to black.

You can also uncheck the option for drop shadows under visual effects, but afterwards you should choose the right color of wallpaper to contrast the resulting black text.

Play with Backgrounds

You can also change Windows 10 text by changing the background and letting it dynamically affect the font or text color as well. The new background can make your text color go from white to black in accordance to the color you chose.

Do the following:

  • Open Settings: Open “Settings” and “Personalization”. Under “Background”, select “Solid Color”.
  • Choose a Light Color Background: Choose something like white, peach, or yellow to make the default white font dynamically change to black.
  • Change the Background: Go to picture to change your desktop background or wallpaper. Go with something that makes the new text color pop or is the same color scheme as your solid color.

Switching to High Contrast

You can change the Windows 10 text and desktop icon font color by switching to High Contrast mode. This Windows hack allows you change the font color by switching to a high-contrast display.

  • Go to Ease of Access: Press the Windows Key + I to open “System Settings”. From there, select “Ease of Access” from the options available.
  • Click on Vision: There are various tabs with different headings above them over to the left. You’re here to switch to high-contrast settings, so go to “Vision” and click on “High Contrast”.
  • Click the Toggle: Now click on the “Use High Contrast” toggle to activate it. Also, click the box to view other options for high contrast. The drop-down menu offers four options.
  • Select High Contrast White: Select the “High Contrast White” option wherein the background changes to white for the whole system. This also results in changes to the desktop icon font color and text color for Windows in general to black for “contrast”.

Last Points to Ponder

You can also change the color of your taskbar on Windows 10 by going to “Settings”, “Personalization”, “Colors” and then selecting a custom color you want your taskbar to be in (usually black). Check the “Start, Taskbar, and Action Center” check box in the color settings and save changes.

If you can’t choose a custom color, you need to change the Windows mode first to “Dark” in order to allow for customization. If the Windows mode is “Light”, you can’t change your taskbar to a custom color.


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