How to Change Icon Text Color Windows 10?

Windows 10 has desktop icon font color considerations too, but it just wasn’t as strongly advertised as its stability and scalability as the current generation operating system in most of the 2010s as it took the baton from the mostly forgotten Windows 8.

How to Change Icon Text Color Windows 10

Go to “Advanced System Settings” in order to change your desktop icon font color to something other than white. To be more specific:

  • Properties: Do a right-click on the “This PC” icon on your desktop then select from the context menu “Properties“.
01 Change Icon Text Color
  • System Settings: Go to the resulting “About” tab opened with the “System Settings” window.
  • Advanced System Settings: On the right end of the page, access the “Advanced System Settings” In the Advanced tab -> Performance, Click on Settings…
  • Change Font Color: You can change the font color of your desktop icons under the “Advanced System Settings”.

Go to Visual Effects and Specifically Uncheck Drop Shadows

You’ll be on the “Advanced” tab by default once you get the “System Properties” window open. From there, click on the icon for “Settings” under performance in order to change settings such as memory usage and visual effects.

Since you wish to change the font color, you should go to the “Visual Effects” tab and uncheck the “Use Drop Shadows for Icon Labels on the Desktop” or the last option. This allows you to go for other text colors aside from the universal white.

03 Change Icon Text Color

Click on the “OK” button once you’ve made the changes then click another “OK” button in the system properties folder to finalize your changes to the settings.

How to Undo These Changes After the Fact

Once you’ve changed the drop shadow, you should notice that the desktop icon font color has gone from white to black. They’re best viewed on a wallpaper or background where black is visible.

You can see the changes after minimizing or closing the settings window. If you wish to revert to the default white color with drop shadow, just go to “Visual Effects” once again and check the “Drop Shadows” option.

Play with Backgrounds

You can actually change the Windows 10 desktop icon fonts by changing the background and letting it dynamically change itself along with the new background to become visible. Activate this feature by doing the following:

  • Open Settings: Open “Settings”
  • Then “Personalization“.
  • Choose Light Background: Now choose a light background like peach or light gray in order to change the default white font to black.
  • Change Background: Now you can go to “Picture” to change your desktop wallpaper or background to one you wish or favor. The color should remain black all the same.

Never Forget the Following

The default font color for Windows 10 is white across the board, and there’s no straightforward way to change it compared to Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista, 7, and so forth. You might need to change your background wallpaper and end up with a not-so-distinct text.

Windows might dynamically change the font in accordance to your background to make the text as readable as possible.

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