How to Add Checkboxes in Google Sheets?

Google Sheets can make tax return or invoice spreadsheets quite easily because it’s been built for such purposes. However, what about checkboxes or check boxes? Can you add email registry type check boxes on a spreadsheet or not?

Of course you can! Know the details on what to do via this step-by-step guide. You can turn your spreadsheet into a checklist or add checkboxes to all sorts of existing projects or tables you got.

Why Add Checkboxes in Google Sheets?

Checkboxes or tick boxes enable you to narrow down the choices of the people you’re surveying, particularly when it comes to questions that require you to enumerate things. You can enumerate items for the people you’re surveying to keep you from handling too random a set of answers.

As for data you’ve added to your sheet, you can use it to confirm the status of your project, like whether it’s done or not. If you want a more sophisticated way of confirming the status of a given article or pending piece of work, learn how to add a dropdown menu instead.

You can add these tick boxes on questionnaires, a list of project tasks, or during product attribute/specs selection. You can even use the “Data validation” feature to assign custom values to the boxes.

How to Add Checkboxes in Google Sheets

Step 1: Open a new spreadsheet in Google Sheets.

Add Checkboxes Step 1 - Open spreadsheet

Step 2: For the purposes of this activity, let’s use as a template my old invoice (with the name, email, bank, bank address, and account number changed for obvious privacy reasons).

Add Checkboxes Step 2 - Paste a relevant old sheet you can use the checkbox with

What’s the reason for using this invoice as a template? We’re going to make a “Done” checkbox. Every time an article is finished, the check box beside the article can serve as a way to keep tabs on which pieces are completed and which ones are still pending.

Step 3: Select the cells you wish to add checkboxes to.

Add Checkboxes Step 3 - Select the cells you want to add checkboxes to

Step 4: Click on the “Insert” menu and seek the “Check box” option. For my U.I. on Google Sheets, it says “Tick box” instead of “Check box”. It’s the same deal.

Add Checkboxes Step 4 - Go to the Insert menu and select Tick box

It should look like this afterwards.

Add Checkboxes Step 4B - The checkboxes are now present on the seelcted cells

Step 5: I’ve added a header above to label what the checkboxes are for. Is it “Done” or not? Check if it’s done and leave it unchecked if not done.

Add Checkboxes Step 5 - Add labels and headers for the checkmark

Step 6: Select the checkboxes and then just press “Delete” in order to remove them altogether. Add them again by pressing “Insert” then “Tick boxes/Checkboxes“.

Add Checkboxes Step 6 - To remove checkboxes, just select and delete

Step 7: You can also make one checkbox then paste it all over your spreadsheet in order to make a whole other checklist of your own if you want.

Add Checkboxes Step 7 - Copy and paste checkboxes for other checklists

When All Is Said and Done

When all is said and done, it’s important to remember that checkboxes or tick boxes are rather easy to add. Just go to the “Insert” menu and select them. You can copy, paste, cut, and delete these boxes. They can be applied to something as simple as a grocery list to a long COVID-19 online questionnaire.

You can also assign specific values to them via “Data validation”, but most are satisfied with merely being able to have a checked for TRUE and unchecked for FALSE values for these useful boxes.

Example Spreadsheet: Make a copy of the example spreadsheet


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