Does Mini Displayport Carry Audio?

Mini Displayport comes with some of the features common to DisplayPorts. One of the most important features of DisplayPorts is audio and video transmission. Support for audio and video is what makes it possible to carry content from a computer to a monitor. Mini DisplayPorts become unique for almost the same features.

What is Mini DisplayPort?

You must have heard about DisplayPort, an audio visual digital interface, and mini DisplayPort is a miniature version of DisplayPort. Introduced by Apple in 2008, this port became common in all Apple computers like MacBook. But a few years later, mini DisplayPort saw a replacement in the form of USB-C connectors. You can also find mini DisplayPort in video cards and motherboards of brands like Microsoft, Asus, Lenovo and many others.

The mini DisplayPort supports resolutions up to 2560×1600 for the version DisplayPort 1.1a and 4096×2160 (4K) for the version DisplayPort 1.2. Using an adapter makes mini DisplayPort compatible with HDMI, VGA, and DVI interfaces. DisplayPort 1.2 technology has become popular for its support for multi-channel audio, uncompressed 4K video at 60Hz, and 3D stereo.

Mini Displayports are compatible with Thunderbolt devices and enable users to enjoy digital audio. Another feature is that mini DisplayPorts can be connected to the HDMI using a split cable. Its capability to connect to a USB port is the unique feature that is made possible by adapters.  

Mini Displayport and Audio

A lot of users cloud the internet with this question – Does mini DisplayPort carry audio? The simple answer to this is yes, mini DisplayPort does carry sound and video. The mini DisplayPorts present on MacBook Pros manufactured before 2010 did not use to carry audio, but now they do in the latest versions.

Previously, the MacBook Pros, MacBooks etc, provided audio signal through Firewire, USB, and the audio line out port. This created issue for users who wanted to connect these devices to their HDTVs using a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter.

A solution for this was the dual or triple-headed adapters that got video from Mini DisplayPort, power from a USB port, and audio from the optical-out port or the USB port. At the end is the HDMI connector that lets audio and video be transmitted over a single HDMI cable.

Mini DisplayPort to HDMI

Mini DisplayPort to HDMI supports audio. The HDMI connector can be connected to a monitor, and the USB and mini DisplayPort can be connected to a PC or Mac. When the connection is made, 2-channel analog audio passes to the HDMI connection, thus enabling the display to receive quality sound. The advantage here is that just a single HDMI cable is needed for this to happen.

So the good news is Mini DisplayPort does carry audio though this was not the case in previous versions of Apple devices like MacBooks. If you own an older device, you can use a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter which would solve the compatibility issue.


Does Mini DisplayPort to HDMI have audio?

Simply plug in the USB and Mini DisplayPort connectors to a PC or Mac® and the HDMI connector to an HDMI television/monitor. 2-Channel analog audio will pass through to the HDMI connection, delivering sound to the display side, with the convenience of one HDMI cable.

How do I get audio from DisplayPort?

Click Start, and then click Settings (gear icon). Click System. On the left menu, click Sound. Under choose your output device, select the audio device that you want to use.

How do I enable DisplayPort audio?

One thing you can try is finding it in the sounds menu in Windows. (right-click the sound icon in the taskbar, then click playback devices). If it is there, then the displayport audio is supported. If it is not, then you can just use the 3.5″ cable that should have come with it anyway.

Does DisplayPort carry microphone?

In addition, each DisplayPort cable comes with an auxiliary bi-directional data channel capable of 1 Mbit/s to carry data for touch-panels, web cams, microphones, etc. Another great feature about DisplayPort is that it can easily be converted to VGA, DVI or HDMI with the use of adapters.

Does DisplayPort 1.4 carry audio?

DisplayPort 1.4 and greater has no such issues and can pass uncompressed 7.1, 192Hz/24-bit audio audio to as many as four displays should you ever have the need for such a setup. Previous versions supported this on only a single display or receiver.

Can Mini DisplayPort do 144Hz?

This Mini DP 1.4 to DP cable can work from Mini DP source to Display with DP port or from Displayport source to a Display with Mini Displayport(thunderbolt port is not compatible). Displayport 1.4 Features Supported: 8K/60HZ(7680×4320 @ 60Hz),5K( 5120×2880 at 60Hz),up to 4K/144Hz(3840X2160P/144Hz),1920X1080/250HZ.

What is Mini DisplayPort used for?

Mini DisplayPort is a passive technology with its sole function to deliver audio/video signals from a source to a display. DisplayPort 1.2 technology is known for outstanding performance capabilities with support for uncompressed full-color 4K video at 60 Hz, multi-channel audio and 3D stereo.

Does DisplayPort 1.0 carry audio?

Yes, it does. DisplayPort is a popular alternative to HDMI cables where additional bandwidth is required, but it wouldn’t be much of an option if it couldn’t at least meet the same basic features.

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