Can I Use Echo Dot As A Microphone For My Computer?

Using Echo Dot as a microphone for a computer means allowing the computer to listen to your voice through Echo Dot’s mic.

Before further heading into if the Echo Dot can be used as a microphone for a computer, it is crucial to know the difference between the microphone and a speaker. 

A microphone is kept at a receiving end and listens to your voice commands, whereas a speaker is used to throw the voice out i.e., you are made to listen to what comes out. It is essential to know the difference between the two before using the Echo Dot as a microphone for your computer.

No, You can’t currently feed the Amazon Echo Dot microphone to the PC, but you can send your own custom Alexa skill (text) to your computer but that isn’t the same as the audio signal you want. You also must use Bluetooth to connect Echo to a computer PC.

You can connect Echo Dot with a 3.5mm audio line out (auxiliary cable) and use it as a speaker for your computer.

What is Echo Dot?

Echo Dot is a smart speaker by Amazon that is shaped like a Dot. It has a built-in speaker that has more improved bass than its previous versions. It has a microphone feature that allows it to listen to your voice commands and respond to you back as well. 

Microphone of Echo Dot
The microphone of Echo Dot

Are you on a video call from your computer device and want others to listen to you through Echo Dot’s mic? In short, do you want Echo Dot to be used as a microphone for your computer? Read on to know more about the same.

Echo Dot As A Speaker For Your Computer

Echo Dot can easily be used as a speaker for your computer as it has a 3.5mm auxiliary jack at the back near its power port. 

To use it as a speaker, all you need to do is use an auxiliary cable. Plug one end of the cable to Echo Dot and the other end to the computer. Play any music or song on your computer and you could listen to it through the Echo Dot amazing sound quality. 

Alternatively, you can also make use of Bluetooth to connect Echo Dot to your computer and use Echo Dot as a speaker. Echo Dot supports Bluetooth connectivity. However, for this to work, your computer should support Bluetooth as well. 

Echo Dot As A Microphone For Your Computer

You may have difficulty in using the Echo Dot as both speaker and microphone for your computer at the same time. 

Even using Echo Dot as a microphone for your computer is doubtful. However, since Echo Dot has a 3.5mm jack audio output port at the back, there are more chances that the setup can work out well. 

You can check if your Echo Dot can feed Echo Dot mic to PC by trying it out with your phone first. For this, use a male-to-male cable. Put one end of the cable to the auxiliary port at the back of Echo Dot and the other end to the smartphone’s jack. Now, ask someone to call you. Check if the call sound is coming from the phone’s speaker or Echo Dot? Further, pick the call and talk through the Echo Dot’s mic. If the other person is able to listen to what you are saying, then the connection can work. 

The Microphone of Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen)

Now, try doing the same with the computer. Do a video or voice call from any app installed on your computer. If you are able to talk to the computer while the Echo Dot is connected, it means the Echo Dot’s microphone is working for the computer. 

Make sure the microphone off button on Echo Dot is not active when you are trying this out. This means the mic is off, and the device will not be able to hear you. This is done for privacy reasons. Unmute the mic button when trying the setup with the computer. 


This is the best idea we could come up with when using Echo Dot as a microphone for your computer. Let us know how it turns out for you by leaving the comments below. 

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