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There are a lot of reasons why you need to have a shock mount for your microphone.  Shock mounts function to impede any vibration from traveling from the microphone stand to the microphone. The best microphone shock mount can be expensive but any background noise can definitely affect your recording.

There are microphones that are more prone to vibrations than others. If the microphone you are using is sensitive to vibrations, you will need a shock mount.

To test the sensitivity of your microphone to vibrations, set it up and start walking around it.  If there are vibrations that can be heard during playback, then you will need a shock mount.

There are microphones that easily pick up background noise ending up on your recording. Such noise as the tapping of feet, passing traffic, or the sound of a bass drum on the same floor as the microphone will affect your recording. A shock mount will keep your microphone from capturing all of these noises and getting them on your recording.  

There are times shock mounts are used to make the studio look more professional.  This is not a bad thing because some vocalists get impressed with your professional set up and tend to sing better.

Before picking a shock mount, you need to check that it is a perfect fit for your microphone.

The 5 Best Microphone Shock Mount Picks 2021

Neewer NW-35 Shock Mount and Table Mounting Clamp

The Neewer NW-35 Shock Mount and Table Mounting Clamp come with a1.7 inch to 2.0 inch diameter clamp and a durable and sturdy metal construction.   It comes with an XLR male to female microphone cable concealed within the boom arm tubing making this scissor suspension type microphone stand have an appealing look.

The boom scissor arms are flexible allowing the microphone to be attached almost anywhere. Its base swivels well from left to right. The microphone holder rotates, too.

This shock mount comes with double-braced arms making the stand durable enough to carry more weight. It comes with a table clamp for easy table mounting.

A user says this stock mount has got solid arms. He further says that while this product could still be better, the accessories it came from werea good deal for its price.   

This Neewer NW-35 Shock Mount and Table Mounting Clamp can prevent condenser microphones from picking up any vibrations from, stand and floor noises.

Samson Spider Shockmount (SP01)

The Samson Spider Shockmount does a good job in in isolating the microphone from vibrations caused by nearby amplifiers;kick drums, human movements so you do not need to use electronic solutions to solve acoustic problems which may be picked up by the microphone during recording.

A 5/8 inch thread type microphone stand will perfectly fit into this spider-designed shock mount. It is a 5/8 inch thread type microphone holder is compatible with many Samson microphones and condenser microphones.

A user says this shock mount is made from quality materials and a heavy construction. It works great in minimizingvibrationsandshock.

The Samson Spider Shockmount is ideal for studio, indoor and outdoor recordings (when attached to a boom).

BTOOP Microphone Shock Mount

This BTOOP Microphone Shock Mount comes with ametal bracket and elastic rubber band rope to protect the microphone from falling off.  It can fit microphones 46mm-53mm in diameter.Microphone angle can be adjusted with this shock mount just by simply twisting the mechanism of the microphone holder.

This shock mount comes with a pop filter (8mm x 8mmx 8mm) for microphones with a diameter of41mm-61mm.The pop filter can minimize wind interference, sprays of saliva and other vibrations to allow perfect and smooth sound recordings.

A user says this microphone shock mount comes with a solid construction and is easy to assemble. He further says that he likes the wrap-around pop filter the most because it requires lesser space than most pop filters in the market but is similarly s effective.

The BTOOP Microphone Shock Mountalso comes with a universal connector adapter. The Shock Mount combined with the pop filter allows a more pleasant singing voice recording or broadcasting.

Neewer Black Universal Microphone Shock Mount (best Microphone Shock Mount)

This Neewer Black Universal Microphone Shock Mount is ideal for condenser microphones with largediaphragms. This microphone shock mount can effectively minimize noise in the surroundings from getting to the microphone through the mic stand which can affect voice recordings. It also isolates condenser microphones from any physical vibrations the microphone can be exposed to.

This universal microphone shock mount features foamand felt designed insert which protects and hold the microphone to keep it from falling off and from getting scratched. It also features an adaptermade from die-cast steel which comes with 27 threads of 5/8 inch for microphone angle adjustment. The adapter comes with a locking knob mechanism to protect the microphone.

A user says this is a well-designed shock mount. He appreciates that the microphone cone comes with an inside foam to protect the mic from getting scratched. It also does a good job of isolating the mic from any tapping. Additionally, the microphone can be removed from the shock mount without any tools. 

The Neewer Black Universal Microphone Shock Mount can be attached to an end of a scissor arm for professional looking set-up far cheaper than what you may expect.

Choosing the Right Shock Mounts for Microphones

You may think that a shock mount is just a metal or synthetic material with clamps and elastic bands. A shock mount though has been designed to keep off as much vibration as is possible from traveling from the mic stand to the microphone. It keeps the microphone safely suspended in mid-air.

In picking the right shock mount, you need to make sure that your microphone will fit on it. How will you know?

  • For shock mounts attaching through a screw thread, make sure the thread size of the shock mount is compatible with that of the microphone.
  • For shock mounts attaching through holders or clamps, make sure the diameter of the shock mount and the microphone are of the same range.
  • For shock mounds attaching throughelastic bands, make sure that the shock mount’s maximum diameter is smaller than that of the microphone so you can easily slide the microphone between the bands.

Microphone shock mounts protect your microphone from getting any noise or sound you would not like included in your recordings. While there are microphones that are not sensitive in catching surrounding noise, many of the best microphones for recording are sensitive. 

Of the 4 microphone shock mounts reviewed, the BTOOP Microphone Shock Mount stands out as the most versatile and effective in reducing vibration and noise to the microphone. The pop filter that comes with the shock mount further minimizes surrounding noise the microphone is not supposed to carry. This shock mount comes with a durable construction and is also easy to assemble.

Noise that is mechanically transmitted to microphones (floor vibrations) prevents you from having smooth recordings. The best microphone shock mount can minimize or prevent such noise from getting to your microphone for a smooth and seamless voice recording.

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