Are Fan Splitters Safe? – Best Splitter Adapter Cable Review

In a CPU, many case fans are used to cool down the motherboard. These case fans are connected to a motherboard with the help of cables known as fan splitters.

There are a variety of fan splitters. The most common ones used are the PWM cable splitter and the 3 pin to 4 pin fan cable. Fan splitters let users add more case fans to a single fan header.

What Is The Purpose Of Fan Splitter?

The purpose of a fan splitter is to increase the airflow in your computer case by adding additional case fans. When a motherboard has only two System fan case, a fan splitter lets you add more fans to it using a Y fan splitter.

Are Fan Splitters Safe?

Fan splitters are totally safe to use. The only prerequisite to keep in mind is the amount of current each fan splitter’s header can transmit. To use fan splitters safely, they should not be overloaded with too much current.

The maximum output of the fans header should be taken into consideration. The combined max current draw of the fans connected should not exceed header’s max output. Such a situation is safe for fan splitters, and each fan will work at its full capacity.

It also depends on the quality of fan headers you are using. Good quality fan headers and regular case fans, do not carry much power to burst the motherboard.

Are Fan Splitters Safe
Are Fan Splitters Safe?

TeamProfitcom PWM Fan Splitter Adapter Cable

This Fan splitter adapter cable is compatible with a 4 pin as well as a 3 pin case fans. It has a 4pin female connector at one end, and at the other end, it is split into 3 male ends (meaning you can connect 3 case fans with a single adapter cable). The 3 male ends let you connect to a 4 pin case fan and two 3 pin case fans.

The 3 pins can be connected to slave fans while a 4 pin is for the master fans.

This PWN fan splitter adapter cable can thus be used to connect 3 computer case fans to a single motherboard fan header. This TeamProfitcom fan splitter cable is also compatible with a 4 pin and 3 pin PMW fan connector. A PWN fan connector has a 3 or 4 pin connector at one end and a header at the other end. A fan splitter cable can be connected to such a connector to connect multiple case fans in the motherboard.

The length of this fan splitter is 10.5 inches approx. It is black and is non-breakable and tangle-free.


  • Minimal price
  • High-quality fan splitter cable
  • Frees up the header space
  • Keeps the motherboard cool


  • Don’t fit well after continued use


Do fan splitters affect performance?

No, fan splitters do not affect the performance of case fans. All the fans connected run at the same speed.

Do fan splitters reduce fan speed?

No, fan splitters just help you connect multiple fans with the same header. It doesn’t reduce the fan speed. It only reads a one-speed sensor for one fan.

Do I need a fan header splitter?

A motherboard usually has two system fan headers only. If you need to install more than 2 case fans, you will definitely need a fan header splitter to add more fans to the MB. A fan header splitter lets you add more fans from a single header.

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